Our programs 


​IGRAMATICA offers extra-curriculum activities aimed at learning and development in four major areas:

1. Understanding of all major mathematical concepts.

2. Problem solving skills.

3. Logical thinking skills.

4. Creativity and lateral thinking.


2-3 Year Old Class

The Fairy Maths Program includes:

Mathematical fairy tales

Playing, singing, building, combinating, creating, drawing

Development of basic mathematical skills: numbers recognizing, shapes, counting

​4-5 Year Old Class​

The Igroteka Program includes:

Games on the development of thinking, memory, logic, fine motor skills,

cognitive abilities

Play Maths minutes, experimentation, development of design skills

Lots of mathematical active games, lots of Maths fun

Mathematical fairy tales.

5-7 Year Old Class

The Funny Maths Program covers:

Counting learning, problem solving, logic thinking development

Teaching children to analyse, synthesize, compare, discuss,

make inferences, to map , measure, combine, group, remember,

discuss and explain their actions

Development of basic skills: numbers, counting forward, backward,

ordinal, quantitative, value comparison, the foundations of geometry, etc.

Teach how to play Maths and have fun with numbers, measurements, geometric figures.

7-8 and 9-11 Years old Class
The Exciting Maths Program covers:

Further strengthening of basic skills

Mental Maths elements

Planimetry and Stereometry elements

Calculations, problems solving


Non-verbal reasoning